Welcome to NWN Enterprise !

NWN Enterprise established in 2014 as a supplier company. We are supplying different kind of Raw Materials, Chemicals and lab equipment to Pharmaceuticals companies & Printing & Packaging companies almost seven years. We always respect client’s demand and their satisfaction is our pleasure. Strong working affiliation is maintained with our clients. We supply quality products to the various company in time.

We offer flexibility competitiveness and sharper lead-time to supply demanding requirements.We are constantly working in the direction to maintain a high level of clients’ confidence. This approach enables us to meet present and future requirements in the fast-changing market environment. >>>Profile of NWN Enterprise

Our Mission:

We lend a hand to our clients in achieving their objectives through appropriate process of supply products to bring a positive behavioral change among the desired of our all client.

Our Values:

We’re here to serve our clients. We’re great to work with. We do the right thing. We are results-oriented.

Supply Chain Management:

Expertise in purchasing Raw Materials, Chemicals, Electrical, Machinery, Hardware Etc.

Statistical Data

Pharmaceuticals Lab Chemicals
Lab Instruments
Raw materials
Printing Packages Chemicals

Our Clients

"Opsonin Pharma Ltd." "ACI Limited" "BEACON Pharmaceuticals Ltd." "Sun Pharmaceutical (BD) Ltd." "General Phamaceuticals Ltd" "Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd." "Unicorn Industries Ltd" "Kalyer Replica Limited." "Navana Engineering Ltd." "Padma Group of Converters Ltd."

Profile of NWN Enterprise